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Shipping policies

For purchases from $30,000 Chilean pesos through the website, shipping will be free to all of continental Chile.
For shipments to other countries, an additional charge will be made.

For purchases under $30,000, the fixed delivery charge will be $3,990.


Once the purchase is made, including the shipping costs and the dispatch address, the selected product(s) will be sent.

Shipments will be made by Chilexpress to all of Chile, and occasionally and when the amount of sales is very high, I will have the support of a local dispatch company within Santiago.

You can request your dispatch to your home or to your local Chilexpress office, where it best suits you.

Shipments are made one business day after your purchase (in exceptional cases it may be two business days after your purchase), and you will receive the next day.
That is, you will be receiving your purchase two to three business days after the time of purchase.


It will be the responsibility of the client to correctly deliver the data for the shipping of the purchased products.

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